TAÏWAN 台灣侍酒魂有限公司



精選各國小巧精美的葡萄酒款,及另類的酒類飲品,為台灣酒類市場注入更多有趣豐富的因素。由Yohan領軍,讓更多酒友們,藉由品酒會或餐酒會,更加認識Somm Spirit'd的堅持與努力

 "Qui sait boire sait aimer, qui sait aimer sait Boire"       (Bernard Pivot)


Somm Spirit'D侍酒魂”是由兩位摯友所創立,他們多年來與國際上具有知名度的餐飲業者及酒店品牌合作。

在波斯灣的阿拉伯聯合大公國生活了八年之後,Yohan Morel(youwineme)和Eric Eybert成為著名葡萄酒廠的經銷者與品牌大使。從他們的簡歷中可以看到其實力的背書,如與主廚Alain Ducassse在Dorcester的經歷及獲得侍酒師最高榮耀的Franck Thomas先生(MOF and Best European Sommelier, 2000)的認可。

Yohan和Eric曾在杜拜、阿布達比和巴林擔任侍酒師和星級飯店酒水經理等職位,如瑞吉酒店 (The St. Regis)、麗思卡爾頓酒店 (The Ritz-Carlton)、朱美拉海灣飯店 (Jumeirah Group ) 等奢華渡假酒店或獨立餐廳,如蟬聯多次杜拜最佳日本料理的OKKU,以及位於阿布達比的最佳秘魯菜餐廳BU。

在深入了解杜拜及其他地區的市場和挑嘴的客戶後,Yohan和Eric意識到目前紅酒的供應正在落後趨勢,品味也正在下滑。隨後,Somm Spirit’D 的團隊對於推廣的葡萄酒上採取了不同的做法:中小型酒莊採用更複雜的釀酒方法,努力成為新的關注焦點,同時強調有機和生物動力學釀造過程;集中思緒在關注二氧化碳排放、與合作夥伴的公平貿易關係及持續性。


因為葡萄酒代表著將人們集聚一起並分享最難忘的時刻,Somm Spirit’D 將持續不斷的為這些時刻,提供最美好的葡萄酒記憶。

Somm Spirit'd has been created by two life-long friends who have been working with some of the most prestigious food and beverage and hospitality brands for many years, across diferent international gateways.
After eight years in the Gulf, Yohan Morel (youwineme) and Eric Eybert are today highly regarded sommeliers and ambassadors of reputable wineries. Their resume includes prestigious names such as Chef Alain Ducassse and his etablishment at the Dorcester or highly acknowledged sommelier Franck Thomas (MOF anf Best European Sommelier 2000).

In the region, Yohan and Eric have held positions such as Head Sommelier and Beverage Manager in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain working for luxury hotel operators such as The St. Regis, The Ritz-Carlton, Jumairah or stand alone restaurants that are ‘the talk of the town’ like Okku.
Having acquired an in-depth understanding of the market and the discerning clientele of Dubai and beyond, the two friends realized that current supply is falling behind the trends and taste development. Subsequently, the guys at Somm Spirit'd take a diferent approach to the beverages they promote: small and medium size wineries with a more sophisticated approach of their wines are being brought in the spotlight, while emphasizing the organic and biodynamic processes that prove a sustainability focused mind-set, considering their CO2 emission and fair trade relations with partners.

Yohan and Eric accumulate over 35 years experience with the finest beverages and both have built strong links with producers from all over the world. Together, they have embarked in a journey aimed both at improving the experience of wine connoiseurs and at doing it in a more reponsible manner as wine stands for bringing people together and share some of the most memorable moments.