侍酒魂(Somm Spirit'd Taiwan)合作釀酒師


忠於土壤永續 真情暖態與廣博人文

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將一株葡萄樹 醞養成一瓶美酒


台灣分部侍酒魂有限公司(Somm Spirit'd Taiwan)是間特殊的「品飲文化」進口商,主要協助客戶重拾對味覺與感官的自信,遠勝對葡萄酒標籤的依賴。集團由兩位全球載譽的法籍侍酒師Yohan Morel與Eric Eybert共同在2013年於杜拜創立。兩人偕同35年服務於世界豪華酒店品牌,如歷任美國總統與國務卿指定下榻的瑞吉酒店(The ST.Regis),布希父子青睞有加的麗思卡爾頓酒店(The Ritz-Carlton),近年世界旅行獎常勝軍的卓美亞奢華酒店(Jumairah)等和米其林三星餐廳資歷,為中東與亞太客戶帶來時代尖端,完整且豐富的葡萄酒趨勢。



Somm Spirit'd has been created by two life-long friends who have been working with some of the most prestigious food and beverage and hospitality brands for many years, across different international gateways.

After eight years in the Gulf, Yohan Morel (youwineme) and Eric Eybert are today highly regarded sommeliers and ambassadors of reputable wineries. Their resume includes prestigious names such as Chef Alain Ducassse and his etablishment at the Dorcester or highly acknowledged sommelier Franck Thomas (MOF anf Best European Sommelier 2000).

In the region, Yohan and Eric have held positions such as Head Sommelier and Beverage Manager in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain working for luxury hotel operators such as The St. Regis, The Ritz-Carlton, Jumairah or stand alone restaurants that are ‘the talkof the town’ like Okku.

Having acquired an in-depth understanding of the market and the discerning clientele of Dubai and beyond, the two friends realized that current supply is falling behind the trends and taste development. Subsequently, the guys at Somm Spirit'd take a different approach to the beverages they promote: small and medium size wineries with a more sophisticated approach of their wines are being brought in the spotlight, while emphasizing the organic and biodynamic processes that prove a sustai-nability focused mind-set, considering their CO2 emission and fair trade relations with partners.

Yohan and Eric accumulate over 35 years experience with the finest beverages and both have built strong links with producers from all over the world. Together, they have embarked in a journey aimed both at improving the experience of wine connoisseurs and at doing it in a more responsible manner as wine stands for bringing people together and share some of the most memorable moments.