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IGP Pays d‘Hérault Pont de Gassac , 750ml

Languedoc 朗格多克

30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Syrah,

30% Merlot, 10%Grenache

NT$ 800

深沈的墨色紅寶石色澤,鼻中充滿成熟的 李子香,玫瑰花瓣和奶油太妃糖,還有陳 年起司。 口感相當複雜,紅色水果,黑梅 皮,強硬的單寧和泥土味及成熟的水果風 味。適合與百里香香料烤羊腿,或菲力牛 排,爐烤紅椒與茄子填鴨肉。

Dark inky ruby showing a big nose of ripe plum, rose petal and creamy toffee with a note of aged cheese. The palate is quite complex. Tart red fruit, black-plum skin, strong tannin and an earthy ripe fruit finish. Match with lamb leg with thyme, fillet of beef, roast duck or stuffed red peppers and aubergines.